Science-Based Tai Chi for Mind-Body Health

Tai Chi Workshop by Grandmaster Chen Zheng-Lei

Time and Date: 9AM - 5PM, December 19 and 20, 2009

Place: Hewitt Hall, Health Sciences Road, UC Irvine School of Medicine (see map below)

Grandmaster Chen is 19th Generation family heir of Chen Style Tai Chi from the Chen Family Village in China. Among the numerous titles and awards he has received is the official recognition as one of the "10 Greatest Wushu Masters in Contemporary China." His Tai Chi is the embodiment of the classical yin-yang principle of the dualilty of "rou in gang" (softness in hardness) and "gang in rou" (hardness in softness). Chen style Tai Chi is the original Tai Chi from which all major styles (i.e., Yang, Sun, Wu, Wu-Hao) stems from. This will be Grandmaster Chen's only workshop to be held in California this year. It will be a rare treat for beginners and advanced Tai Chi students alike to learn from this living treasure from China. There is a common Chinese saying that "one pointer from a famous master is worth more than 10 years of hard training".

Session 1: 9AM-Noon, Dec. 19

Fundamental principles and practice of Chen Style Tai Chi, including basic stances, hand-arm movements, footwork, breathing control, relaxation techniques and generation of explosive forces.

Session 2: 1:30-4:30PM, Dec. 19

Basic to intermediate exercises, including silk reeling movements, the 8 forces, basic push hands, self defense applications, qi collection and meditation techniques.

Session 3: 9AM-Noon, Dec. 20

Part 1 of the Essential 18 movement form.

Session 4: 1:30-4:30PM, Dec. 20

Part 2 of the Essential 18 movement form.